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Iron Man 2 – let the ass kicking begin!

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The time has finally arrived… Iron Man 2 is about to begin. I’m so excited it’s actually a little scary/sad. Anyway, as usual America sets the pace in terms of expectation and it seems that expectation is high.

According to my secret data files Iron Man 2 has sold more than five times as many tickets as the first Iron Man did at the same point in its sales cycle. Iron Man earned $318 million in the states and nearly $600 million worldwide… that’s almost my annual salary. In the movie’s opening weekend alone it earned $98 million.

So, does that mean Iron Man 2 is on track for $500 million? To be honest I have no idea, but it’s a sure sign that the sequel is on pace to do big, big opening weekend business.

The current opening weekend record is The Dark Knight with $158 million. Topping that seems like tough work but Iron Man 2 has a a few things working in its favor:

  1. Iron Man 2’s running time is shorter than that of the Batman’s sequel, which could allow theater owners to squeeze in more showings and
  2. It’s got a bigger base to build on – Iron Man earned significantly more than Batman Begins did, giving Iron Man 2 an already bigger, already locked-in audience.

All I can say is that it’s going to be awesome. So awesome in fact that I may even rent an Iron Man costume and bust it out at the V&A Waterfront.

Note: this post is dedicated to my faithful follower Thinus.

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