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M. Night Shyamalan’s latests film – Devil Traps You In An Elevator

Apple has released the first trailer for ‘Devil’, which will be the first release from M. Nights ‘Night Chronicles’ label. The film is basically about five people trapped in an elevator. The twist comes in that one of the five is a devil in disguise. The trailer is pretty cool, and you get the feeling that the film will keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfect first date material for all you romantics out there. Check out the trailer here.


Jonathan Nolan to direct Superman reboot?

After checking my blog stats I can see that there have been a lot of people reading my article on the reboot of Superman which is being headed up by the great Christopher Nolan. The reason for all the interest is, no doubt, the abounding rumours that Jonathan Nolan has been earmarked to take the directors seat for the project.

There have been a couple of confirmations from reputable sources that the rumours are true. In fact pre-development for the film is supposedly underway and a few castings have been done including an audition by Zach Levi (from the show ‘Chuck’).

It won’t be the first time that the brothers have worked together, but this will be the first time that Jonathan has worked from behind the camera. Usually Jonathan writes and Chris directs. But regardless of what happens, with Chris in the mix it’ll be epic.