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Iron Man 2 – let the ass kicking begin!

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The time has finally arrived… Iron Man 2 is about to begin. I’m so excited it’s actually a little scary/sad. Anyway, as usual America sets the pace in terms of expectation and it seems that expectation is high.

According to my secret data files Iron Man 2 has sold more than five times as many tickets as the first Iron Man did at the same point in its sales cycle. Iron Man earned $318 million in the states and nearly $600 million worldwide… that’s almost my annual salary. In the movie’s opening weekend alone it earned $98 million.

So, does that mean Iron Man 2 is on track for $500 million? To be honest I have no idea, but it’s a sure sign that the sequel is on pace to do big, big opening weekend business.

The current opening weekend record is The Dark Knight with $158 million. Topping that seems like tough work but Iron Man 2 has a a few things working in its favor:

  1. Iron Man 2’s running time is shorter than that of the Batman’s sequel, which could allow theater owners to squeeze in more showings and
  2. It’s got a bigger base to build on – Iron Man earned significantly more than Batman Begins did, giving Iron Man 2 an already bigger, already locked-in audience.

All I can say is that it’s going to be awesome. So awesome in fact that I may even rent an Iron Man costume and bust it out at the V&A Waterfront.

Note: this post is dedicated to my faithful follower Thinus.

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Iron Man 2 – a potential new villain

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

The hype around Iron Man 2 is going to continue to get out of hand. The film is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated of the year. And so every time I catch a wiff of a hint of something cool, I’m going to blog about it.

And here is one to keep your Iron Man cravings at bay – a site called Super Robot Mayhem claims to have been in contact with Adi Granov, Iron Man 2’s lead concept artist. He sent them the image attached with this article… his take on what Fin Fang Foom should look like. ‘So who the hell is Fing Fang Foom’, I hear you ask. Well basically he’s a Marvel monster, introduced in the comic Strange Tales #89. His story is that he is an alien being from the world of Kakaranathara who leaves his homeland, with a host of buddies, to conquer unknown worlds. The aliens (who look somewhat like dragons) land in China and used their shape-shifting powers to blend in and study humanity until such time as they can overthrow the world. So basically Fin Fang Foom is a badass villain with superhuman strength, shape-shifting abilities, the power to regenerate, and an unquenchable urge to destroy humanity.

Granov says that the image of Fin Fang Foom will actually show up in Iron Man 2, hidden on a billboard. It’s a cool little Easter Egg for fans of the Iron Man comics and perhaps a foreshadowing of things to come (insert ominous music here).

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Iron Man 2 – the trailer is here

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

So the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived – the release of the Iron Man 2 official trailer. All the characters get some airtime (with the exception of Sam Rockwell’s character – Justin Hammer) and it looks flipping awesome.

You can view it in via Apple’s movie trailer section here (you’ll need Quicktime).


Iron Man 2 – Let the viral begin

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems that movie marketeres have embraced the concept of viral marketing. A couple of examples over the last few years include – The Dark Knight (remember the mini-site dedicated to Harvey Dent’s political campaign); and Cloverfield.

Well it seems that Iron Man 2 is the next film to jump on the bandwagon. The first movie ‘clue’ was released yesterday which featured a washed out, blue-tinted image of a magazine article about Tony Stark. The article is written shortly after the events at the end of the first Iron Man and talks about Tony Starks admission that he is the metal clad hero. Interestingly, the article looks like it comes from the wall of Whiplash (one of the films villains). If you look at a decent sized version of the recently released Whiplash poster you’ll see what I mean.

I’m not too sure what these clues are going to allude to – perhaps a chance to fill us in on what has happened in between the two films? Or a way to review some in depth info about the sequels villians? Only time will tell. In the meantime check out the picture below.

Incidentally you might be wondering who P. Buckner and N. King are… don’t worry, I’ve done the homework for you. P. Buckner, or Page Buckner is the art director for Iron Man 2. Nancy A. King is the art department coordinator. Interesting?

Iron Man 2 – it’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Iron Man was a real winner in my opinion. It was pretty much everything that you want in a superhero film – hardcore machinery, witty banter, pretty girls and lots of awesome action. And since I enjoyed it so much I think  it’s only fair to start giving the sequel some airtime.

Iron Man 2 (initially under a fake working name of Rasputin) is supposedly the second part of an Iron Man trilogy.

The storyline of the film is set 6 months on from the events that took place in Iron Man. Jon Favreau is once again directing the affair and had a hand in writing the story along with Robert Downey.

Not a whole lot is known about the plot, aside from the fact Stark is going to hit the bottle a bit, and Pepper Potts gets a boy friend. But I suppose we don’t really need to know what’s going to happen as long as we know who the bad guys are. In this film there are three:

  • Justin Hammer who, as the comic books go, is a business rival to Tony Stark, making his money in unethical ways. In the film he’ll be played by Sam Rockwell who, incidentally, was considered for the role of Tony Stark in the first film.
  • Whiplash who (in the comics) is a gifted electrician working at Stark International dreaming of fame and fortune. His quest leads him to become a weapons designer, special agent and assassin. In the film he’ll be played by Mickey Rourke. For the film the character will tweaked to include elements of the comic (not comical) villain Crimson Dynamo.
  • Black Widow, an undercover spy posing as Stark’s assistant. The character will be played by Scarlett Johannsson who stepped in at the last moment to replace Emily Blunt.

Obviously the film will put its own spin on the characters so we’ll have to wait and see what happens there. We’re also going to see the emergence of Iron Man’s sidekick War Machine (who’s alter ege is Lt. Colonel James Rhodes) which was foreshadowed (not very subtly) in the first film. The character will be played by Don Cheadle who replaces Terrence Howard.

As far as filming goes, things are all done and dusted and the film is currently in post-production getting the final magic added. This is one of those films you’re definitely going to have to see on the big screen.

Below I’ve included some stills from filming which were released today. The film’s poster is included above… released yesterday. There’s also some decent ‘behind the scenes’ footage on youtube – definitely worth a watch.