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Old Dogs – someone really should have them put down

December 7, 2009 3 comments

In my defence, the only reason I watched this film was because I had time to kill after a meeting in JHB and it was the only film I could watch without missing my flight. I might also add that my ticket was sponsored by a colleague of mine… so I didn’t even have to pay for it. The defence rests.

So, where to start? Old Dogs is an American comedy directed by Wild Hogs’ Walt Becker. Wild Hogs was pretty cool. I watched it at the Waterfront back in 2007 and I was quite surprised. In fact I laughed so hard that the guy sitting next to me moved seats after the first 15 minutes.

Old Dogs is a bit of a strange one. With a cast including Robin Williams and John Travolta you expect quite a lot. You don’t expect to be blown away, but you expect some decent acting at the very least. Unfortunately when it comes to acting, dialogue, character development and even story line the film is horribly disappointing. For most of the film it looks like Williams and Travolta have been taking huge doses of speed in their dressing rooms. Their interactions are fast paced, unconvincing and a little wooden. And what makes things worse is that Williams’ love interest in the movie is Kelly Preston… the real life wife of John Travolta. I’m not sure whether this had any impact on their acting, but their relationship onscreen was about convincing as claims that Julius Malema is actually ‘an incredibly intelligent man’.

However… despite the fact that the film is made about as well as a French car, I actually laughed pretty hard for long stretches of the film. The storyline was very obviously written around the gags they wanted to include. Basically two life long friends are about to seal the biggest business deal of their lives when one of them (Williams) finds out he is the father of twins – conceived 7 years earlier during a drunken night in Vegas. What makes things worse is that the their mother is out of action for two weeks and so the two muskateers have to be surrogate dads for two weeks. Obviously hilarity ensues.

Yes I might be corny. And yes, I am one of those guys who never fails to laugh when Leon Schuster eats a chilli and has to dump his flaming buttocks in a pail of water. But the fact remains that there are at least a few laughs in Old Dogs. I definitely wouldn’t recommend seeing it on the big screen, even if you are on Discovery Vitality. Rather wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it with some mates for a bit of a laugh.