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Couples Retreat – Nu Metro’s Mistake

December 3, 2009 2 comments

Last night I went to Nu Metro to watch a film. The experience was a shocker (read more here) but I also noticed a small mistake in their signage.

A couple of weeks ago there was a huge uproar in the UK over the release of posters for the latest Vince Vaughn film – Couples Retreat. The film is about four couples – three of them are white and one is black. In the US the promotional poster included all four couples, but the poster in the UK featured only three couples. Can you guess which one was removed? The black one… obviously. Universal Pictures responded to the outcry saying that they wanted to ‘simplify the poster for foreign markets’ by focusing on internationally recognised actors. Unfortunately this meant leaving off the lesser known black actors. To be honest I feel a little sorry for Universal – focusing on recognised actors in international markets makes sense, and no one would have said a word if they’d left of a white couple. Unfortunately you just can’t afford to mess around with something as sensitive as racial discrimination.

So anyway, walking out of my movie last night I notice that Nu Metro has just put up posters for Couples Retreat and guess which version they’ve used. Yup, only three couples to be seen. Now what I find most annoying about this isn’t that Nu Metro is being deliberately racist – because they aren’t. The thing that irks me is that they are just plain ignorant. The guys at Nu Metro are so out of the film industry loop that they probably haven’t even heard of the issues in the UK. It’s just another black mark on the quality of our cinema – we just show the films to make cash, we aren’t that interested in any of the other stuff.

Incidentally, I also checked their website today. It seems the online version is the correct one. Why can’t we have a bit of consistency?


Nu Metro – V&A Waterfront

December 3, 2009 1 comment

The Nu Metro at the V&A Waterfront has given me some of my worst cinema experiences in the past. I usually just address it directly with Nu Metro. To their credit they always get back to me and thank me for my input – but things haven’t really changed. So now, rather than just talking to them about it, I’ll also give everyone some insight into the experience.

Last night my wife and I went to see Inglourious Basterds at 7pm… I know I’m late in seeing this but rather late than never. Anyway, we arrived at about 6:45pm and split up – my wife went to get popcorn and coke and I went to get the tickets. After standing in the queue for about 10 minutes I got to the front. Incidentally there were 5 people behind the desk, but only 3 terminals were open. The other 2 people were looking around and doing nothing. A few people in line behind me commented on this with some pretty colourful language.

 Anyway, I got to the till, asked for tickets, and selected my seat. I then took out my card to pay. At this point I was told ‘the machine isn’t working’. Now I can understand if your terminals aren’t working, but surely you can tell your patrons before they’ve stood in a queue for 10 minutes? On hearing of the situation I asked what to do, and was greeted with a shake of the head and shrugged shoulders. The lady behind the desk tried the machine and it didn’t work. So she called for the next people and ignored me.

 At this point I asked ‘if I use self service will that work’. She said ‘yes’. Luckily the self service machine worked and I got tickets. Incidentally only 1 of the 2 self service machines was working. But let’s be honest here – if I hadn’t asked I would either have missed half the movie running to get cash and standing in line again, or I would have just gone home, or better yet I could have gone to Ster Kinekor to catch a slightly later show.

 My wife had the same experience at the popcorn counter. She waited in line for about 10 mins, got to the front and was told the same thing. In this instance there were 9 people behind the counter. Also, as a note, all the popcorn makers were full to overflowing – huge wastage of food.

 Issues like this seriously affect the publics perception of a brand. And after all my experiences it’s getting to the point where I’m going to start avoiding the V&A like the plague. What makes things even worse is that issues like this are easily remedied by either having a A4 printed sign at the beginning of the queues, or putting one of the 14 members of staff at the end of the queue to notify people and direct them to the self-service. In my opinion the manager should be doing this – it gives your customers the sense that he/she is on top of things and ready to engage with them.