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District 10 on the horizon?

November 26, 2010 1 comment

Neill Blomkap, director of the much acclaimed ‘District 9’ has released a mysterious video online which is quickly going viral. The video was first spotted in the latest iPad-app version of WiReD Magazine.

Is it a genetically modified animal? Or an alien species? Details about the video are sketchy but there is speculation that the video is a teaser for Blomkamp’s anticipated follow-up to the four-times Oscar-nominated District 9. Both Blomkamp and the films star, Sharlto Copley, have admitted that the sequel is something they’re actively working towards. The shaky hand-held camera style of the new one-minute spot is certainly reminiscent of the now-famous District 9 ‘documentary’. Check out the video below:


A-Team – movie trailer

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

One of our favourite series of yesteryear, the A-Team, is coming to the big screen this year. Due to be released in June, the film contains some pretty big names. Liam Neeson will be playing Hannibal, Bradley Cooper (from the Hangover) is Faceman, Quinton Jackson plays B.A. Baracus, our own Sharlto Copley plays Murdock and Jessica Biel stars as Lt. Carissa Sosa.

The film is being directed by Joe Carnahan (of Smokin’ Aces) and has another big name producing in Ridley Scott. The official trailer was released 2 days ago (sorry on the slow uptake) – click here to watch it. I can’t say that I’m super impressed after watching it. But let’s hope it turns out to be one of those trailers where they picked all the bad parts.