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Toy Story 3 – No toy gets left behind

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

It seems Hollywood is doing what is does best – making sequels of highly successful films. Well this one isn’t breaking news anymore, but it’s worth including anyway. Toy Story 3 has been in the pipeline for a while and is set to be released mid-way through next year. Both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will be reprising their vocal roles of Woody and Buzz.

The story is set sometime after the first two films with Andy going off to college. While he is away his toys are meant to go into storage in the attic, but somehow get mistakenly through out. The usual fun and games ensue as the toys try and make a plan to escape and make it home to beloved Andy. You can check out the teaser trailer here. It’s nothing special, but I suppose it brings back the feel of the first two films and kind of gets you ready for the third. Let’s wait and see what the official trailer looks like before we make any serious judgements.